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B2B Systems

Logo B2B Systems that are developed for the specific needs of the enterprises and integrated with other information systems allow to transactions and taking reports via internet from anywhere and anytime. Accelerating order processing and information flow helps to improve the quality of customer service.

Limitless Access Via Internet

This is a web-based application enabling your sales representatives to create purchase orders and to do reporting 24/7. It is possible to monitor and report customer visits by sales representatives. Follow-up via web saves on time and costs. Ability to collect money via the system helps get rid of problems related to collections. Owing to a receipt generated following payment, it is ensured that payment info is immediately reflected upon current movements.

Fast Purchase Order Processes

This application enabling current movements and stock information to be displayed in an up-to-date fashion, offers special price and payment opportunities to your customers, thereby, offering a fast purchase order process.

Integrated with ERP System

The system B2B is an application running in full integration with Logo Tiger Enterprise. All data you need are derived from Logo Tiger Enterprise system, and are sent there. You do not have to input any extra data.

Customizable Interface

Thanks to fully customizable user interface (ability to add, delete, update and relocate on all pages and menus, theme replacement, etc.) it is possible to configure your application in any way you want.