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Navigator Smart

Navigator Smart is a reporting solution which is fully integrated to Logo Solutions, designed to perform a multidimensional analysis of your data and filter the most complicated data and provide you with strategically the most important data

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A Structure Integrated with Logo ERP Solutions

With the dynamic connection established by Navigator Smart between Logo ERP program and MS Excel, you can access the data in the system online, take any current report and graph you want, and recreate all reports you have taken also in Excel.

Detailed Report and Comparative Table Features

You can prepare summary and detailed distribution, situation and comparison tables and graphs that enable you to view the real situation corresponding to each module at that moment. (For instance, distribution of sales, distribution of goods, distribution of orders, distribution of collections and payments, material status, open account status, cash status)

Scenario Creation

You can create scenarios by entering any value you want in the comparative tables that you have prepared, and see how your company will be affected from various conditions.

Default Report Features

With default inquiry models, default report templates and default stored procedure, you can create detailed reports for your corporation without needing customized reporting methods.

Customizable Reporting Options

You can easily customize your reports according to your needs with the help of custom stored procedures, user-defined models, table-creation feature and data retrieval from different data sources.

Advanced Filtering and Report Authorization Capability

Thanks to the advanced filter structure, you can access the data you need at the moment you need, and create your report around such data.