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In today's competition and risk environment as a result of current economical conditions Companies in retail sector should analyse the threats and evaluate opportunities, very well.
At this point, one of the most important factors for businesses come to the fore is technological compatibility.

As rivals and requirements of the market are reshaped, information and communicatication, making fast and right decision, forecasting risks in advance, responding the customer needs and cost management gain importance day by day.

KALEM YAZILIM ,creates comprehensive solutions for all companies for increasing their productivity, giving them competition advantage and enabling them to manage their inner and outer processes effectively ,has made its decision to provide solutions to all processes of local markets and large scale retail chains with new LOGO KL-RETAIL (market) software created by the analysis in retail process. This software development Project is a co-operation of LOGO and KALEM Yazılım, that has a long standing retail sector experience.
With LOGO KL-RETAIL (Market) solution, manufacturer based contracts with branches in dispersed geographic area and the relation between supply chain and branches can be established with ease. By means of that, effective and fast purchase, price and distribution management is aimed. Management of complicated retail processes will be simplified by means of user friendly Windows.

  • Market solution, management of regional supply processes executed with manufacturers and suppliers by companies
  • Management of contracts such as turnover discounts and promotions, depending on time, manufacturer, product category, supplier and branch.
  • Management of price difference process free of problems.
  • Elimination of confusions caused by sales of products not present.
  • Product Management, on the basis of categorization of markets (discount, hypermarket) by means of product range.
  • Free of problem integration and data flow with all type of cash register terminals and scales approved by the authority of Finance.
  • Providing price consistency in system, labels and POS, management of nested price changes in center and branches in an easy and secure way kept under control on the basis of activity and insert.
  • For keeping optimal Stock and Purchase Management level, calculating appropriate product amount depending on periodical sales turnover .
  • Management of distribution chains by users in the best way possible , by effective demand – order applications developed.
  • Realizing loyalty card management with many promotion options in CRM and all presentations analysis can be made by CRM data.
  • Preventing company from loss through price changes by activity insert and cash return, as producing return invoices by re calculating turnover and price differences .
  • Supporting company management with real cost, profit-loss analysis and error-free accounting integration
  • Hand terminals can be used in order controlled product acceptance, product acceptance, purchase invoices, product slips, retail and wholesale invoices, orders from branches to center, inter-warehouses transfers, price view, barcod label printing and counting. Special co operation of LOGO and KALEM Yazılım presents solutions for markets to give them superority in competition, Please call us for detailed information.

Price change slips

ncoming invoices stored in database,
When price change form opened related invoice automatically retrieved from database,
or you may create a price change form as usual. Here aimed that, user is able to adjust incoming product price.
In price change form, information about purchase and sales invoices, daily, weekly and monthly is available, and in last purchase of the product total cost and profit may be viewed.
If company is using sales point terminals ,new prices may be sent and labels may be printed in those terminals. If needed, price change forms may be used to transfer data by producing unlimited number of sales forms and adjustable price types on the basis of many variants such as client accounts, stock codes, departments İn addition to , creating automatical price change form when data such as invoice stored in database

Price change forms in pieces

ighten workload of your employees dealing with price adjustment.
You can adjust prices on one window with different prices for each shop, No matter How many shops you have.
After incoming invoices automatically strored in database, You may have price change forms saved as price change forms in pieces automatically.
After confirmation of changed prices, you may send new price information to sales points and have labels printed there, for all the products or ones whose prices are changed , by produced forms for each sales point seperately.
If needed, these forms may be created manually. Category, special code, barcode and many other variants can be used as criteria to be able to export products together. Price and profit magrin can be adjustable by viewing.
You may give special prices for different accounts and ddepartments

LOGO KL- Retail M - Pos

It is designed for simple and fast sale operation on touchpad screen or usual PC. SAles of products with or without barcode can be made with no difficulty. It is widely used in shops, markets, stationery shops,fast food restaurants etc. n,

• Sales of products with or without barcode
• Cash, credit card and client credit sales options
• Simple usage
• Fast sales
• Customer card creation
• Stock follow
• Ticket definition and ticket payment at cash register
• Unlimited number of barcode definition possibility for each product
• 3000 PLU key
• Cashier definition
• Total discount,amount discount line discount definition
• Sale in different currencies • Fuction keys Assignment
• Invoice printing • Grouping products, group calling for fast and simple sale
• On-line view of cashier payment (cash, credit card, client credit sales)
• Client credit limit option
• Price type options
• Assigning points to customers
• Department group definition and possibility of mak ing discount for groups
• Grouping customers and making discount for these groups
• Sales report
• Stock report
• Department report
• Cost report
• Cash report
• Multi-lingual menu option

Pos cast register reports

Now it is possible to view all your sales instantly, by KL-RETAIL "Pos cash register report". You may have sales information related to cashier, terminal, product,brand, department store in a faster and easier way instantly

• Detailed analysis
• Monthly analysis
• DEtailed analysis based on rayon-groups
• Analysis based on products
• Cancel analysis based on lines
• Cancel analysis based on document
• Cash register, cashier analysis
• On-line sales analysis
• Analysis of products sold together
• SAles report based on sales point
• Transaction file turnover check
• VAT report based on department
• End of the day operation check
• Sales report by hour
• DEtailed cashier report
• FoodPOS detailed sales analysis
• Shared POS bank report
• FoodPOS sales analysis
• Sales with customer card report
• On-line product condition report
• Detailed payment report