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Logo Mind Budget

Thanks to its advanced software architecture, Logo Mind Budget is a budget management solution bringing about a flexible and safe working platform for the managers, who prepare budgets.

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Fast and Safe Data Input

It provides error-free data input to the employees alongside its ease of use. Thanks to this feature, employees become capable of easily defining numerous aspects, from charts to budget items, and thereby of rapidly actualizing their budgets.

Flexible Budget Architecture

Not only may the parameters applicable to the budget components compiled under a general budget architecture be defined by the employees flexibly, but also the budgets may be defined in terms of sub-budgets, organizations, and dimensions thereof.

Consolidation Advantage

While it enables the employees to prepare corporate budgets intended for certain purposes, including sales, marketing, investment, etc., rapidly, accurately, and consistently, it also brings along flexible work advantages, thanks to its firm consolidation features supporting the coherence between the budgets.


Logo Mind Budget eases the work of its user at each step, thanks to its user-friendly structure. Users, who do not want to get lost among the detailed budget items, which gets deepened in time, may benefit from the product's feature of functional note-taking. Explanatory notes, which may be taken in the fields allocated for the budget, further facilitate the notification among those working on the respective budget.

Authorization and Safety

Budget preparation should be carried out not only as a team work, but also within a safe environment. Not only new users adapt to it more rapidly, thanks to its user-friendly interfaces and ease of use, but also managers enjoy great flexibility, thanks to its detailed authorization feature.

Detailed Reporting

Having been brought into use together with such financial reports as cash flow report, income statement, and balance sheet, alongside its budget solution, Logo Mind Business Solution introduces easily readable and highly interactive screens to the users by way of obtaining respective information from its source.

Compatibility and Standards

Thanks to its compatibility with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), it relieves the companies, which operate in an ever-globalizing world within the focus of attention of foreign investors, of preparing new budgets for their stakeholders, and thereby enables them to take comprehensible positions where they may speak the common language