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Logo Mind Informer which enables real-time and versatile analyses for companies working with dynamic data in the world of professionals shaped by continuous and intensive competition, offers a web-based and fully comprehensive business intelligence solution with its modern user interface, flexible architecture, and scalable pricing model

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Interactive Reporting

Thanks to interactive reporting, your employees of different units can work simultaneously on the same report, and enable your corporation to generate reports quickly.

Concurrent User Structure

Thanks to its concurrent usability design, Logo Mind Informer enables your employees to work on the same application simultaneously.

Big Data

It allows you to perform "Big Data" analysis, which is the greatest competitive superiority for today's data-oriented corporations.


With simple and user-friendly "dashboards", your corporation can perform fast data analysis.

CusData Integration

Its easy data integration feature enables your corporation to analyze different data from each unit of your corporation under one roof.

Database Layer (Meta Data)

It enables you to use "meta data" with the features it comprises in its structure.

OLAP Cubes

It has OLAP Cubes structure so that you can access data faster and perform multi-dimensional analyses.

Mobile Access

It provides a mobile compatible infrastructure to enable you to access the application any time and anywhere.