Network Storage Antivirus    
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Lightweight, Versatile, and Efficient

Prevent malware from spreading throughout your organization with Sophos for Network Storage. The lightweight scanner protects against the latest threats while integrating seamlessly with a broad range of storage systems, including those from EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, NetApp, and Oracle/Sun. Load balancing, failover and clustering capabilities provide high availability and high throughput, deliver the best experience—and the best security—for your users.

Real-Time Protection

Detect and block malware before it has a chance to wreak havoc on your network. Our on-access scanner has a small footprint but big functionality, protecting against both known malware and zero-day threats. Multi-layered protection goes beyond signatures, with pre-execution emulation, our unique Behavioral Genotype technology and Live Protection for real-time lookups in the cloud.

Broad Platform Support

Ensure seamless integration with your existing systems, thanks to our compliance with the ICAP standard and our support for EMC's Celerra Anti Virus Agent (CAVA) and NetApp's 7-mode and C-mode scanning.

Efficient Scaling

Increase performance and reliability by setting up multiple scanning servers, providing load balancing or failover capability. If you use NetApp's Data ONTAP, you can also employ full many-to-many clustering for maximum efficiency.