ARCH-XG Course


This course provides an in-depth study of Sophos XG Firewall, designed for experienced technical professionals who will be planning, installing, configuring and supporting deployments in production environments.
The course is intended to be delivered in a classroom setting, and consists of presentations and practical lab exercises to reinforce the taught content. Copies of the supporting documents for the course will be provided to each trainee.
Due to the nature of delivery, and the varying experiences of the trainees, open discussion is encouraged during the training.
The course is expected to take 3 days (24 hours) to complete, of which approximately 8 hours will be spent on the practical exercises.


Prior to attending this course, trainees should: Have completed and passed the XG Firewall Certified Engineer course and any subsequent delta modules up to version 16.5
We recommend students have the following knowledge and experience:
  • Knowledge of networking to a CompTIA N+ level
  • Knowledge of IT security to a CompTIA S+ level
  • Experience configuring network security devices
  • Be able to troubleshoot and resolve issues in Windows networked environments
  • Experience configuring and administering Linux/UNIX systems






MON 25/9/2017