EP-ENG Course


This course is designed for technical professionals who will be demonstrating Enduser Protection and provides an overview of the product, including an introduction to the major capabilities and core configuration concepts.
The course is available either online via the Partner Portal, or as an instructor-led classroom course. Please contact your CAM or CAE to find out more about the availability of classroom courses in your region. It consists of presentations and practical lab exercises to reinforce the taught content, and electronic copies of the supporting documents for the course will be provided to each trainee through the online portal.
The course is expected to take 1 day (8 hours) to complete, of which roughly 4-6 hours will be spent on the practical exercises.


Prior to attending this course, trainees should: Prior to taking this training you should pass the online assessment EA01a – Certified Engineer Fundamentals. Training is offered to help you pass the assessment and comprises four short modules covering:
  • Cryptography basics
  • Networking basics
  • Active Directory basics
  • Security threat basics
In addition you should
  • Be able to setup a Windows server, with Windows workstations
  • Have knowledge of general Windows networking






MON 18/9/2017